Winter Solstice Tree


I had a strong desire for either a white or metallic tree this year. I wasn’t going to get one but I found this pretty white tree at Target for not too much money so I bought a string of lights, a box of small ornaments (I really like the blue, orange, white, and blue green colors), some ribbon and an owl to top it with. The paper stars I made a while ago, but thought they looked good under it. I like it. It feels wintery to me, even though it doesn’t snow where I live.

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NaNoWriMo Daily 30


I did it! I still really like my story, and I think with more work on the background and outlining, I’ll be able to finish it. The flow slowed a lot the last couple weeks, but with the pressure of the word count being over it was much easier to finish today. I knew I didn’t have a lot left and the words came more easily than they had all week. I might have gotten more words in, but there are errands to run and I have to be in bed earlier for work tomorrow, so I will be happy with this count as my final total this year.



Total for NaNoWriMo 2016:


I downloaded my certificate and tomorrow I will get my coupon code for Scrivener. I am really happy with all I did this month. It is probably the most satisfied I’ve been with a NaNo story in all the times I’ve participated or won.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, whether they reached word count or not. You rock!

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NaNoWriMo Daily 29

I am not that far from 50,000 words tonight, but my hands are hurting a lot and I can easily finish tomorrow.



Total so far:


I would have liked to have finished tonight, but I had to rest my hands so much that midnight was coming and I decided to stop. Less than a thousand words left and I will probably do a bit more than 50,000 to make sure NaNoWriMo’s count is over just in case.


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NaNoWriMo Daily 28

Not a lot of productivity again today, I was so tired, but I did get some words down.



Total so far:


A little over 2,000 words left to goal. I am gonna get there.

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NaNoWriMo Daily 27

Only three days left and less than four thousand words to reach the goal. Yes!



Total so far:


I was worried about typing because OMG-people-Black-Friday-is-over-stop-shopping-don’t-you-know-I-am-NaNoWriMoing! It was non stop customers, so bad that my first break was an hour late because there was no getting the line down most of the day. My hands were hurting so bad that there were several moments I thought I was going to cry. I had one lady tell me this was the third day in a row she’d been out shopping. Why? How much useless shit do you need in your house? But, I digress and I have tomorrow off. Phew! It would be awesome to finish the 50,000 tomorrow.

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NaNoWriMo Daily 26

Got a lot of words in tonight. Not necessarily good words, but they are there. And I am caught back up on word count. Also, I have the best thermal carafe for keeping the water for tea hot. The water that was left from last night’s writing session was still warm when I boiled more water for tonight. It’s not even electric. I love it.



Total so far:


Only four days left to go. Don’t give up now.


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NaNoWriMo Daily 25

I didn’t do a lot of words today because I wrote them by hand and my hands hurt, but I wrote in the bathroom where it was warm, so I’ll sacrifice word count not to feel like I am freezing.



Total so far:


Did you survive Black Friday? I had to work, but except for the crazy lady who takes too much of our time for as little as she ends up spending (and returning later) it wasn’t too awful. Bye!

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