Friday Quote: Paula Hawkins


“Stay faithful to the stories in your head.” ~ Paula Hawkins

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Monday Musing: Did Anyone Find My Gun?

I’ve worked in retail for a long time- so long…  In that time, people have asked me about a myriad of things they lost in the store: wallets, purses, cell phones, keys, family members, friends, their freaking children – people are ridiculously careless.

Tuesday, a woman call the store to see if anyone found her concealed carry permit, you know, for a gun. Apparently she folds the little card in half and carries it in a place where it will easily fall loose when she opens her wallet. Wonderful.

However, Tuesday was gun day. After I told my manager about the phone call he told me that someone had asked, earlier in the day, if we had found their gun. In the store. He had lost it. His gun.

I work at a discount store and there is an uncomfortable amount of drug addicts and children present. Neither of these are people I want to come across a random gun. I have managed, in over twenty years of retail/cashier work, to not be robbed by gun or knife point and I used to work a graveyard shift, by myself, at a secluded gas station for several years.


If you are a gun-owning customer, please leave your guns at home and stop losing your gun related shit. You aren’t making anyone safer.

I don’t want to die behind a cash register because the drug addict who found yours on the floor in the bathroom decided to try and rob me (and if you’re so stupid you can lose a gun, I am 100% certain you are stupid enough to carry it around loaded while losing it, too).

Thus ends the PSA I never wanted to write.

Dammit, this is not what I meant when I asked the universe for some excitement in my life.

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Friday Quote: Neil Gaiman


“Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.” ~ Neil Gaiman

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Monday Musings: Shiny Mermaid Plans

I finally got to put together my February bullet journal I fay finally because I have been waiting a month to use this particular notebook and I couldn’t really start it until I knew how long the January one would last. Surprisingly, my last BuJo lasted more than a month and I should finish it on January 31st.

February’s BuJo is a shiny mermaid 3.5″ x 5.5″ notebook I bought in a set from Michael’s craft store. The cover is holographic.


Front and back of the cover. I was so happy that the rainbow effect showed in the picture so well.

This book is a dot grid print in gray on white paper. The other two books that came with the set were blank and calendar. I am using the calendar printed one for doodle challenges because I don’t like using pre-printed calendars for planning.


A quote from Brenda Ueland on the inside front cover and shiny stickers and washi decorations. I’ve had mermaid washi and some of the stickers for awhile, but I did buy holographic decorative tape and a holographic mermaid sticker set for this BuJo.


I know there are bullet journallers who don’t use their index, but I do use mine because I often write other non-planning things as I go. My January BuJo has a recipe and a story scene and a page of potential character names scattered amongst my planning pages. The thin washi tape on most of the pages is metallic, so more shine in my shiny BuJo.


My habit tracker. I didn’t like my last tracker. I used a separate piece of paper and the grid was very tiny, making it look messy and difficult to use. Lines blended together and I had trouble marking the right place. So this one will be much nicer and easier to use. Not everything is something I need to do every day, like checking the hummingbird feeder, but this allows me to see how long it has been since I last did. I used a very light gray Tombow marker to make the lines along the page adding one more level of easy use for it.


My February Dailies is pretty much my calendar spread and I use it mostly for my work schedule and upcoming bills. Sometimes I even use it for appointments (but I rarely have one of those). The bottom of the second page is for finance stuff for me and my Etsy store.


Notes and Braindump is just that. Things I need or want and stuff I want to remember. I strike them from the list as I fulfill the item and any left unfinished will be written in next month’s note page.


Finally in my preset pages is my Quotes page. This is new to my BuJos, but since I like to post quotes on my blog, this will be a good place to collect them until I can move them to my writing journal.

On the back cover I keep some sticky notes and the last page of the journal is where I test pens for using in the book and make sure they don’t bleed through. So far all the pens I’ve tested for this book barely ghost and I’ve had no bleeding. I don’t draw in my BuJos but my handwriting is awful enough I don’t need to try and read it through ink from the other page.

I am very excited to use this BuJo, it is so shiny and pretty and makes me happy to look at.

Purple Heart on Google Mermaid on Google Purple Heart on Google

As for last week, I was still kind of sick, mostly coughing, which is super annoying. However, I did do more writing and also started organizing my current story into Scrivener and gathering together all of the random notes and scenes I have scattered amongst notebooks and devices. Oh, and I finally got another sale from my Etsy store, second one since I reopened my store.

It is a notebook cover (Traveler Notebook style) sized for 3.5″ x 5.5″ notebooks. Those moons glow in the dark. So I am excited about that happening. Mailed it off this morning to my customer. If you’re interested and seeing what else I have available my store is The Iridescent Agate.

That’s all for now. Have a good week!

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Monday Musing: I Wanna Make Kohakutou

The week has been uneventful. I have been sick all week. I’ve done a little reading, a little writing and a lot of laying bed watching YouTube videos…as you do.

However, I found something I’d like to try and make when I am no longer feeling gross. I want to make Kohakutou (琥珀糖), Japanese jelly crystal gemstones.


Google image search of Kohakutou

It is a jelly made with agar agar that you let sit in the air for a few days until it forms a sugar shell giving it the look of a crystal gemstone. You can use juice to flavor it, but mostly it is sugar, water and agar agar. It looks so pretty and fun. I first saw it today in a video by Emmy at emmymadeinjapan, so I had to look it up immediately. I also found a recipe here, but it doesn’t seem all that different than what Emmy did except they used juice for color and flavor and Emmy just used food coloring for this first attempt.


Some of Emmy’s Kohakutou results. They look so nice.

If I do manage to get around to it, I’ll put some pretty pics here.

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Friday Quote: Aimee Bender


“As a writer you ask yourself to dream while awake.” ~ Aimee Bender

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Lesbian Leads: Kingdoms Fall


Kingdoms Fall by Riley LaShea  (ebook)

I’ve never been a big fan of princess stories or Cinderella. I never wanted to be the Princess, so for me to like a story about fairytale princesses is unusual. Except Kingdoms Fall: Book One of the Black Forest Trilogy is not a traditional princess tale. Written by Riley LaShea, this retelling takes place not only within Cinderella’s story, but within the entire Grimm fairytale world.

Having lived as a slave to her stepmother, Cinderella hopes for escape by going to the ball only to realize the prince isn’t as Charming as expected. She flees him and calling to her dead mother for help, falls into another story and a new adventure; even finding her own princess to fall in love with.

This tale encompasses a lot of familiar tales, with some really interesting takes on characters. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the next two parts.


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