A Witch Alone

“I find joy as a solitary practitioner, knowing that while it may not be the best for everyone, it is the only way for me.  I can be a Witch alone.  And so can you.” ~”The Solo Witch” by Heather O’Dell From The Modern Craft Movement Ed. by Chas. S. Clifton  (Llewellyn Books 1993) In... Continue Reading →


Make Crochet Pay

People often ask, "How do I become a crochet designer?" Creating your own unique crochet projects is not only fun and rewarding, it can also be profitable if you sell the pattern. Whether you'd just like a little extra cash from time to time or would like to consider designing as a full-time career, there... Continue Reading →

Portable Altars for the Busy Pagan

I have an altar on my coffee cup. Yep, on the cup. It is a travel cup that can be decorated by removing the bottom, placing a decorated paper within the plastic cover and screwing the bottom back on. I collaged pictures of the Goddess, symbols and poetry onto decorative papers, creating a portable altar.... Continue Reading →

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