Rare Word Writing Challenge #1: Amaranthine


It’s time for the very first Rare Word Writing Challenge. I found this site full of rarely used or forgotten words called The Phrontistery. Writers love words. Big words, little words, weird words, we love them all. But we get a lot of flack for using them (because why would we encourage people to learn different words?). So I decided to create a weekly writing challenge and let us have fun with the weird, big words.
Every Wednesday I will post a word and its definition and you can write something for it. A one sentence story, a flash fiction, heck a whole short story if you are inspired. Put it in the comment section here (if its short) or tag it #RareWordC and mention me on Twitter (@Mindy_Leana) or Instagram (Agatespen) where I can see it. I will post mine here on either the next Tuesday, or on Wednesday before I put up the next challenge (it all depends on if I have something else for Tuesdays).
Make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like, just have fun with it. I look forward to seeing what all of you come up with.
Today’s Word:
Amaranthine: Immortal. Undying. Deep purple-red color.


About Mindy Leana Shuman

I am a writer. I write short stories, scripts and articles.
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