NaNoWriMo Daily 25

I didn’t do a lot of words today because I wrote them by hand and my hands hurt, but I wrote in the bathroom where it was warm, so I’ll sacrifice word count not to feel like I am freezing.



Total so far:


Did you survive Black Friday? I had to work, but except for the crazy lady who takes too much of our time for as little as she ends up spending (and returning later) it wasn’t too awful. Bye!


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Daily 25

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    1. Well, I didn’t shop, I was one of those poor souls ringing up all the shoppers. I wouldn’t leave the house on Black Friday if I could. As for NaNo, I was hoping to hit 60,000, but I had so many off days, I’ll be happy with the 50,000, though I will try for a few thousand over.

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