Monday Musing: I Wanna Make Kohakutou

The week has been uneventful. I have been sick all week. I've done a little reading, a little writing and a lot of laying bed watching YouTube you do. However, I found something I'd like to try and make when I am no longer feeling gross. I want to make Kohakutou (琥珀糖), Japanese jelly... Continue Reading →


Friday Quote: Aimee Bender

"As a writer you ask yourself to dream while awake." ~ Aimee Bender

Lesbian Leads: Kingdoms Fall

I've never been a big fan of princess stories or Cinderella. I never wanted to be the Princess, so for me to like a story about fairytale princesses is unusual. Except Kingdoms Fall: Book One of the Black Forest Trilogy is not a traditional princess tale. Written by Riley LaShea, this retelling takes place not... Continue Reading →

Monday Musing: Batwoman

I mentioned last week that I started reading the Batwoman comic books beginning with the story that began in Detective Comics #854 : Elegy. This story was the introduction of the new Batwoman, Kate Kane. I am only two issues into the story but I had to show you some of this book written by... Continue Reading →

Reading Focus: Lesbian Leads

Last year, as I increased my reading, I decided I wanted to read more stories with lesbian protagonists. Growing up there weren't a lot of queer characters in media that weren't comedic stereotypes (think Hollywood from Mannequin) and if there were other examples, they didn't happen in my conservative household. In fact, the first time... Continue Reading →

Friday Quote: Brenda Ueland

"Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say." ~ Brenda Ueland If You Want To Write  by Brenda Ueland was my favorite book about writing to check out from the library when I was a kid. I now have two copies, print and ebook, and still love it.

2017 and Beyond

I won't say that 2017 has been a terrible year, I have had much worse, but losing my cat after almost 2 decades of companionship certainly has put a damper on it, but I will try to look at all the things I did right and make way for this new year. I understand a... Continue Reading →

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