Monday Musing: Batwoman

I mentioned last week that I started reading the Batwoman comic books beginning with the story that began in Detective Comics #854 : Elegy. This story was the introduction of the new Batwoman, Kate Kane. I am only two issues into the story but I had to show you some of this book written by Greg Rucka and penciled by J.H. Williams III. I’ve read a few comic books over the years, but I have never been as interested in the art as I am with the story, but this time I am in love with the art too. (I’ve removed the text in order to cut down on spoilers. These are a few pages from the first two installments of the story.)


I can’t wait to read more of this story and see more of this really pretty art.

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Friday Quote: Twyla Tharp


“Creativity is an act of defiance.” ~ Twyla Tharp

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Reading Focus: Lesbian Leads

Last year, as I increased my reading, I decided I wanted to read more stories with lesbian protagonists. Growing up there weren’t a lot of queer characters in media that weren’t comedic stereotypes (think Hollywood from Mannequin) and if there were other examples, they didn’t happen in my conservative household. In fact, the first time I remember seeing a serious lesbian romance was when Willow in Buffy The Vampire Slayer realized she was Bi and fell in love with a girl (who of course could not live to the end of the series because lesbians can’t have happy endings. What, bitter, me? Why would I be so bitter about the endless line of lesbian stories that exist where they can’t have a happy ending because…lesbian.)

Moving on.

Finding lesbian lead books in stores is a challenge. First, no bookstores in my town. No Barnes & Noble nor small independent bookstores, and no money to drive the 45 minutes in any direction to find the nearest ones. Books are sold at grocery stores and Target/ Walmart: the same books in all the stores. And then all the used book stores sell those books eventually, as well. I don’t read those books. However, there are a lot of books available on Kindle under Lesbian Fiction. Ebooks are also, for the most part, within my very limited budget. Are all of them good? No, I’ve already found one completely disappointing read, but I have also found good ones that I really enjoyed. So, I’m going to share those books here, on Tuesdays, starting next week.

Not everything will be ebooks, I do have some print books as well. Genres I probably won’t talk about are romance, contemporary, horror, YA, and erotica. I mostly enjoy mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes. I have tried several times to read romances lately, but I keep waiting for something interesting to happen and it never does.

I know this isn’t a series for everyone, but I hope some people will find new books to read. Also if you have any book recommendations in the genres I like, let me know, I would be happy to see if they are something I might like to read.

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Monday Musings: First Week of 2018

I was not as productive as I hoped to be at the start of the new year. I did manage to update the blog twice, so hey, already ahead of last year on that.

I did do a little writing. I’ve been feeling frozen about what to write lately, I started and stopped so many ideas last year that I seem to be afraid to even start now, but I have an inkling that began last night on what I should work on next. A personal, rather than professional type of challenge, I guess, but I’ll let you know about that should I manage to do more than think about it.

I set my Goodreads Challenge at 100 books this year. I won’t fret if I don’t read that many because last year is the first time I’ve read more than a handful of books in ten years, so any amount is a plus. But I am well on my way with the two comic books I read this week (and yes, I count those.)


I read the All-Star Comics issue No.8, the first book to contain a Wonder Woman story. Okay, I read the Wonder Woman story, frankly the one before it was a bunch of Superheroes forming the Justice Society of America where they sit around a table and tell each other how great they are at superheroing and I saw Linkara review that on Atop the Fourth Wall (Youtube channel). This is Wonder Woman’s first origins story and I did find it somewhat silly since she literally left the Amazons because she fell in love with a guy in a coma. But there is some good bits too. I have an ebook collection of her first stories to read next.

batwomanThe second book was Batwoman’s first story in Detective Comics #854, at least I am pretty sure this is her first story, I only did a quick look at Wikipedia for it. This is not the first Batwoman ever, there was a one in the past apparently created as a love interest for Batman, but this one is definitely not her. Kate Kane is a lesbian superhero with her own goals in mind. She’s on the hunt for the boss of the crime syndicate that tried to kill her. I’ve only read the fist installment so far, but I really like it and the art is really beautiful. The other story is about The Question, in this version, the Question is a woman (the other incarnation having been male for quite sometime) and I look forward to reading more about her as well.


Other than that my week was tame involving a lot of taking down Christmas decorations. I hope all of you are having a good first month of January. I plan to put out a post every weekday again, I hope its interesting. 💖

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Friday Quote: Brenda Ueland


“Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say.” ~ Brenda Ueland

If You Want To Write  by Brenda Ueland was my favorite book about writing to check out from the library when I was a kid. I now have two copies, print and ebook, and still love it.

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2017 and Beyond

I won’t say that 2017 has been a terrible year, I have had much worse, but losing my cat after almost 2 decades of companionship certainly has put a damper on it, but I will try to look at all the things I did right and make way for this new year.

I understand a lot of people think of the changing of the new year as an arbitrary date, but I like to use it as a means of evaluating my life every year. What I did right and what can I improve?

As far as last years goals, I really only fully accomplished one. I started reading more. I read 34 books in 2017, most of them since July and that is probably as many as I’ve fully read the past decade, so yay. I forgot how much I loved reading. To be fair, about half of those were comic books but I still count it. I also rediscovered my nerd side, which I also missed. (Depression kind of sucks the joy out of all things and you forget you ever enjoyed it in the first place.)


Golden Age Wonder Woman is equal parts sexist (she did it all for the love of a man!) and goofy.  But it has its awesome moments. I like this panel. Its kind of her go-to answer so far.

I did start exercising again, and cut a lot of extra salt out of my diet (still working on sugar, that one is harder). I started making more food from scratch because pre-made things have a tendency to upset my stomach.

My sister and I moved out of our house, got rid of a lot of stuff and are, overall, much happier. Owning a house is only an advantage if you can afford to keep it up, which we couldn’t. I am healthier too, because apparently something in the house was making me have breathing problems that got really bad the month before we moved.


A few of the notebook covers I have in my store.

Job-wise, I still have gone nowhere. In spite of trying hard to find a job that will actually allow me to pay for – anything, really, The job market where I live sucks and I can’t even get interviews. I did open an Etsy store. I make notebook covers and charms to decorate them. I am thinking about new items to add to it as well. Take a look at The Iridescent Agate if you’re curious (yes, shameless plug, why not?).

Writing overall, has been slim as well. I’ve been desperate to find ways of making a living and it has made writing hard. So this year, the focus is writing out of enjoyment and if I happen to write something marketable, I go for it. I don’t write well under pressure; my creativity freezes up and I doubt every word put to paper. I did once start to get past that, several years ago, I am hoping to do it again.

I am also going to try and blog more again. Every week I would think about doing it and never start, but I do miss it. Last Friday’s quote is one I am taking seriously this year


My bullet journal, currently a 3.5 x 5.5 Moleskine cahier. They only last a couple weeks, but I tried thicker books and didn’t like them. I like to be able to carry it around with me, sometimes tucked into a pocket. I am thinking of trying a Leuchturm 1917 in the same size. It has more pages and will last longer, but I have to order those online making them more expensive with shipping.

I’m back at bullet journaling again, using it to remind me of my goals and keep track of things I want to be habit and how often I do those things I want to stop. I’ve found a method that works for me after several unsatisfying ones and hopefully it will help me reach more of the goals this year.

So I step into this new year, hoping I can continue to make improvements in my life and repair more of the damage a decade of depressed and suicidal thoughts left. I want to focus more on the good things even when they are hard to find and create more success through once again having any fucks to give about my own life. It feels frightening and daunting but the quote on my bullet journal says it all: “Stay afraid. But do it anyway.” ~ Carrie Fisher

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Friday Quote – Natalie Goldberg


“Procrastination is a cutting off. It diminishes you.” ~ Natalie Goldberg from Wild Mind.

This is a quote I’ve been carrying around with me since reading Wild Mind this year. My biggest problem is putting things off until later.

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