Friday Quote: Kinda a quote

"Get out of your own way." It's not really a quote because I can't remember if I read it somewhere, or if its just something that popped into my head one day, but its one I keep reminding myself about. I am constantly starting projects that stall because at some point along the way, I... Continue Reading →


Friday Quote: Colleen Doran

"Procrastination is death by a thousand nothings." ~ Colleen Doran

Monday Musing: Did Anyone Find My Gun?

I've worked in retail for a long time- so long...  In that time, people have asked me about a myriad of things they lost in the store: wallets, purses, cell phones, keys, family members, friends, their freaking children - people are ridiculously careless. Tuesday, a woman call the store to see if anyone found her... Continue Reading →

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